This Blog posting is about a six month journey to learn about Life’s Master Keys with a group of people facilitated by Mark and Davene Januzuski.  The course was developed from a history of being taught by W.Clement Stone and many of the leaders in personal growth of that time, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and truth through to today.  He incorporates greatness of Og Mandino and Haanel, sprinkled in with Italian Bostonian world view.  This is hands-down the most intensive course I have ever undertaken that strips away all of the layers of masks, marketing, people pleasing, familial conditioning, to get to the real person inside of you to ask what do you want?  What can you contribute to make the world a better place?  What will you sacrifice to get what you want?  How hard will you work?  Will you keep your promises in small things to assure you will keep your promise in large things?

This is grown up school for sure, teaching a topic of self-knowledge.  I am teachable, I am willing to change.