If there is anything that keeps the mind open to angel visits, and repels the ministry of ill, it is human love. Nathaniel Parker Willis

Several weeks ago, I watched the brief video of the Golden Buddha (click here).  Did you watch it?  No?  Go ahead, I’ll wait, but please come back and read this story!

You see, a friend lost someone this week; a family is going to bury their son’s body tomorrow. Please indulge me in telling you about an amazing young man named Alan and what he taught me.

What does upgrade mean, exactly?  When you upgrade your airline ticket, you move to first class and get champagne and real food; when you upgrade to VIP at Disney, you don’t wait in long lines to ride rides or see shows. When you buy the VIP ticket to a concert or a conference, you get to go backstage or to a dinner with the keynote speaker.

Life is energy.  I believe that God breathes life into us; that we carry a part of the Divine with us when we are born.  Positive thought, experience, and environment polish that Divine spark, the “gold”; negative thoughts, experiences, and environment can tarnish the “gold” and causes scars and blemishes.  This is how I have lived my life; good experiences, then bad, then good again.  The scars got polished along with the smooth parts, but my focus was on MY PERCEIVED IMPERFECTION.

 Not Alan.  He was different.  alan-schienWhen God breathed life into him, it was a deep breath.  That breath was full of an energy that was bright, that was unquenchable, and it was pure love.  God knew what was ahead of him and his family, and knew that they would nourish and cherish all of who this little boy would grow to be.  Alan was diagnosed with an illness as a young child.  There was no cure – he was not expected to live beyond his teens.  This did not seem to matter to Alan.  As his body lost its function, and did things that were not controllable, his spirit, that Divine spark, kept growing.  It was fed by good things, and even the things that most would consider negative made his light grow stronger! His smile was infectious and his personality larger than life.  No one who met him, whether in person, or online, went away unchanged.  It was impossible to have a bad day if Alan had touched your world that day.  He would reach out with a cheerful hello, typed on his computer, with a photo from his wheelchair and that grin on his face and you just knew that your problems, your crisis, your FOCUS was not where it should be.  

Alan was one of the people of this world who have a joy, a love of life that is larger than any human form can contain.  It reaches beyond a room, a house, or a city.  It keeps expanding until the human body supporting it gets weary, and has to go back to heaven to recharge.  I believe this is what happened to Alan.  His energy, his love, is still here, still reaching out and expanding.  He has no cement hiding the value within.  I will miss his face, and his online touch, but I know that this week, the cracks in my cement grew, and thanks to Alan, I know that the best use of the value within is to love everyone.  Thank you, Alan, for showing me the way.

Rest well, Alan.  Enjoy your VIP upgrade!



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